Chic Recordings

David is highly honored to be a staff caller on Shauna Kaaria's new label, Chic Recordings. Part of the fun, of course, is getting to call on a new singing call no one has heard before. Shauna is a tremendous producer, and Let's Get Away From It All was a stretch. Not many jazz standards make their way to the square dance floor. I think the end result is a winner. It was also great fun calling with Charlie Robertson on, Thank You For Being A Friend, Chic's latest release. Have a listen!










David's selections on Shakedown are now part of the Shakedown Classic Catalog. Here are preview samples. Follow the link for more details or to purchase.


SD208 - Break Her Heart Or Mine 

SD303 - Close to You 

SD231 - Wish I Didn't Know Now


SD239 - Darned If I Don't